Free Program #2

There are many free programs out on the web.  But like everything some are good and some are bad.  Some of the free programs will cause you problems and others will solve problems.  I decided to try faithfully to add a free program each month to my blog to help with some issues computer users may have.  If your computer is running slow you may find it could be malware that is causing that problem.  Malware is defined as malicious software.  This program is not only free but works great to get rid of problems.  I will only recommend products I use myself.  But I will also state that I am not responsible for any damage a program might do to your system.  I have never heard of anyone having problems with this program but like everything else there is always a first for everything.  This program should be run often as part of a maintenance program.  Here is the web site for the product. – I usually find CNET award software is usually a product I am comfortable with trying.  This program was awarded the Editors choice April 2009